Looking back to April! A 365 (on photo a day slide show)

Still going on with the 365 project which is keeping me from this main blog lately… I am on day 153, still inspired, learning so much and planning to go through with it. Here is a look at April’s 30 photos!

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By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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These are all superb and unique in their own right, but my personal favourites are definitely the one of the guys carrying the couch and the old lady looking out the window. You have such a knack for catching beautiful moments on the streets you know. Wonderful!

I’m amazed…so many of these photos are just breathtaking. The one of the four oriental young men with bikes holding a couch is simply stunning. Its quietly reminiscent of something so familiar (Abbey Road?) but so entirely its own, its astounding. Their smiles alone would have brought one to my face, but the whole shot is phenomenal. My favorite though is a few down from that, the black and white shot of a father and son from behind, walking through a glazed but still focused street. I had to stop and look at it for a minute to distinguish whether the houses and streets were fading around them or in precise focus, and still couldn’t decide. The color contrasts, even in a monochrome picture like this, does everything. Chillingly beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Mimo I’ll say again how much I love your photos. I am on the other end of my 365 and plan to keep going once I complete at the end of August.
I am especially drawn to your city/street shots. I love how you use a tilted angle to enhance and how you capture people.
Some of the shots that really struck me were-the moving bike at night, the hanging fish, the blowing bubbles in beautiful light, the old man and young child in walking between row of buildings and the B and W of the man putting up the birds in the city.
Enjoyed them all.

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