Day One Hundred Fifty Three, June 24, 2011


Today I planned to go into the hot streets of Shanghai for some street photography, which is normally my favorite style of work. So I got ready, bag packed, lenses dusted, hat and sunglasses on and dove into the 30+ degrees of broiling city soup. Suddenly I found myself making a 90 degree turn as if I no longer had control of my own decisions and I went straight into an unplanned visit to the aquarium!

It is just incredible how in the middle of an 18 million people city, the blue waters can host a still and peaceful existence for creatures that can drift in total calm and tranquility! I was mesmerized by the jelly fish today. They were moving at such a slow and graceful speed, almost like a sacred dance of repeating ebb and flow, simply magical! What an amazing contrast to the hectic world just outside the doors of the aquarium…but water is magical and it is a whole realm to explore.

I have always been a greatly inspired by  David Doubliet, the amazing underwater photographer who produces pure magic from his journeys into the sea, and who discovered his love for underwater photography when he used to escape as a child from his severe allergies and stay underwater, the only place the symptoms could be kept at bay…

By ~mimo~

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I love it the way your intended course was altered… happened to me all the time, there’s so much going on in the streets it is hard to stay focused! Stunning photo…

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