Day One Hundred Thirty, June 1, 2011


太极拳 Taijiquan~ Tai Chi

太极拳 Taijiquan or Tai Chi, is the internal martial art of China. It translates literally to “the supreme ultimate fist” and it is still to this day practiced daily and widely all over China. When you live in Shanghai like we do, you see Tai Chi being practiced on your street, in your garden, in the park, in the morning mostly but also at other times of the day. The most amazing thing about this is the level of concentration that the person performing their Tai Chi has. They appear to be completely engrossed in what they are doing and completely oblivious of the world moving fast around them. They maintain a very slow speed that completely defies the rush of the modern world and they achieve total bliss and a healthy glow because of it. It is almost as difficult as swimming against a strong current in a busy city of 18 million.

This photo was taken at 7:30 am on a wide but buy street in Shanghai, where bikes, motorcycle, workers and life in general was rushing around this lady who practiced for over an hour unaffected. The greatest pity is that the new generation is abandoning this great ancient martial art and it remains in the custody of the elders.

By ~mimo~

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Wow…if only everyone did that in a morning the world might seem less of a manic crazy place! I really enjoy hearing your stories about the culture there. Nice photo 🙂

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