Day One Hundred Twenty One, May 23, 2011

the power of color

From the first few days of life, babies are drawn to certain colors. We live in a colorful world, amazing, bright, inspiring, glowing if you think about it. It would be so horrible had we been born in a gray world, or if we were not given the power of seeing color. But no, we can see color, we are influenced by color, we can create with color, we use it to define our nation flags, we create codes with it, we can choose which colors we keep close to us. There is the blue that calms us, the white that gives us clarity, the red that invigorates us, the yellow that plays on our emotions, the orange that tickles our taste buds, the purple that takes us outside of ourselves, … what a mystery! I love color, I love to watch its effects on life around me, I love to see what color is prominent each day, I love to play with it, to mix it, to enhance it, to mute it, to be with it and to marvel at what it can so softly do to my life.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

2 replies on “Day One Hundred Twenty One, May 23, 2011”

What a lovely post…I was wondering, do you have a favourite colour? or does it depend on your mood/what is happening around you? Just curious.

I love red…it makes me feel happy and I feel as though it gives me strength in myself when I need it. When I know I have a challenging day a head, I always seem to wear red.

Thanks Samantha, it varies with me, but I am mostly drawn to oranges, yellows and different shades of blue. I love red too and end up with a lot of it around my home.

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