Day One Hundred Two, May 4, 2011

To never let the magic die

Our little Lea will be 7 years old later this month, and it feels to me like only yesterday she was just a baby. She is the kind of child that has to have magic in her life all the time. Everyday she looks for something out of the ordinary to make her day more special because for her everyday is an exciting and amazing new possibility. For all these years we have kept the traditions alive in her little world, and we celebrated the extraordinary, we looked for fairies, we waited for Santa, we wrote letters to the Easter Bunny, we relied on the protection of angles in our sleep, we pictured the Sandman sprinkling gold on our heads at bedtime and most importantly we believed in the great power of the creator who made all this magic possible. I hope I can keep this spark with her and in here for a few more years until she makes it her own. I hope the sarcasm of the world will not fill her innocent bright mind with skepticism too soon.

What good is life and a world without awe and magic?

photo: composite of 2 shots taken indoor and outdoors on May 4th! Happy May!

By ~mimo~

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What a brilliant idea. Fantastic! Magic is precious in those young years. I think I still have some of that spark still inside me and I’m 33, so there’s hope for your daughter!

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