Day Ninety Nine, May 1, 2011

Old man on tricycle

Do you know who you neighbor is?

I have been seeing this man around our neighborhood in Shanghai for almost 5 years. He is always on on his tricycle, always smoking, always collecting bits and pieces and riding away.

How many people are inside the frames of our lives that we know absolutely nothing about?

Or is this life in a big city? I remember living on Jones Street in New York City and not knowing anyone who lived in my little building personally…

We seem to create a bubble for ourselves our families and our few friends that we move inside of as spectators of life around us. This certainly was not the case in villages and in tribal communities.

How I wish things were different…

One thought on “Day Ninety Nine, May 1, 2011

  1. What an interesting character. It’s so true what you say. I remember when I was growing up in England, we had street parties and I knew most of my neighbours. Now, I see my neighbours in my building and I say hello, but I don’t know their names, what they do , their stories…nothing. Also applies to people I often see in the street and say hello to, I know nothing about them. It’s a shame how times have changed.


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