Day Seventy Four, April 6, 2011

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When all seems upside down


Have you ever had days when all seems to be going exactly the opposite of what you have planned? When the universe seems to be having a laugh at your expense? On days like this, I remember a very simple and old Arabic saying that has echoed in my ears though out my childhood years in Lebanon: “Do not hate anything lest it is meant to be good for you”. So simple, so direct, so wise, so good to remember on such days.

All is well!

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  1. Like the depth and that jar is cool… you have a great eye.

    Your saying reminds me of one I use a lot “Who is to know what good luck is?”

  2. LOVE your pictures, and today´s post was just perfect for me…thank you!!

  3. Great picture, great musing! Thank you!

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