Day Thirty Four, February 25, 2011

'Light of the east' — massive stainless steel sculpture in Shanghai

Today we drove by the huge sculpture on Century avenue in Shanghai they call “light of the east” and as it was sunset, the sun was peaking through the huge stainless steel beams (normally silver colored, but Lea and I decided to make them blue), so we just had to stop. As Shanghai sees itself as s city of modernism and the gateway of China into the future, you find much modern art installations and sculptures around the place. What you see here is only a piece of this huge structure, that at some other point I will show as a whole.

In this blog I will show a background photo of Lea taking an iphone photo of me taking a real photo and then showing it to me through the car window. It made for a fun effect!

cameras and iphones~ a behind the scenes shot 🙂

I would love to know what you think!!

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