Imagine a life so simple…

Imagine a life so simple

life in a little house on the lake

it is warm enough not to need any clothes

your toys are a little boat and a stick

no television, no video games, no ipods,

imagine that!

your school is on a boat and it floats

your playground is made of water and sky

your world is empty of complications,

you are not nagging to get the latest toy,

you don’t even know that it even exists,

because your life is so unimaginable simple…


Photos taken at sunset on a little floating village on the Tonle Sap in the kingdom of Cambodia

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  1. these folks are the envy of my eyes, they live with less yet they are never slaves of their desires….

  2. This is so incredibly touching, the words connecting beautifully with the pictures. Stunning.

  3. Thank you for reading Vanessa xo

  4. so true… i love your blogs, pics and updates mimo x.

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