Day 28~ June 28th~ Xinjiang

brothers~ Kashgar

Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.  ~Hindu Proverb

There is something so endearing about watching siblings helping each other. It is nature’s way. They were placed together to foster bonds in some cases unbreakable and incomprehensible to the outside world. These two boys passing by on my last day in the old city of Kashgar just caught me and drove me into a contemplation about life, family and the mysteries of being human.

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  1. Gorgeous…love the tone.

  2. Great photos! Signing up! Looking forward to the updates!

  3. Beautiful picture! Here I leave you my blog from Argentina:

  4. Love the Pic, makes me want to be there, seems so real.

  5. Beautiful photo and colors.

  6. Your words continue to stimulate thinking and show what the world could be if we thought and acted accordingly.

  7. A very touching, lovely photo Mimo.

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