Day 19~ April 19th~ Congo

adapting to a new life

A small boy, on the run from Rwanda, pausing in a medical center in Goma, hiding behind the folds of a UNICEF tent, his life will never be the same again…

While days before he was just a little boy, living in a village, part of a family, living a somewhat normal life, today he is labelled a refugee. He is another number added to a list, a surprisingly large list, that grows and grows each time a new war and a new conflict is born. This boy is a side of effect of the greed of humans, of their struggle to gain power and of their disregard to what misfortunes and casualties their games are producing in the lives of others.


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  1. Very good post. Adrian

  2. He is also the future. In him lies the possibility to do greatness

  3. Hear! Hear! Mimo…wise words..

  4. Hi,
    It is a terrible situation these kids and adults are in, all because of money and power, it beggars belief.

  5. Nice sharp, great composition & contrast and the lines in give some dynamism to the picture.

  6. And then we fight back against the greed and the power and the games. And then the cycle never ends. Is this our destiny?

  7. Hi Mimo, I followed your whole Congo project now within two days and I must say that it touches me very deeply. You are a strong lady to visit such a troublesome country and to face this devastating lack of humanity face to face. Thinking about these children and adults, sending them strength and may be money is one thing, but trying to change something locally is quite something else. You are giving their message and cry for help to a part of the world – thnak you!
    And you are a dignified photographer as well! with warmth, Setime

  8. Will the day come when the world truly takes care of its own?

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