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Day 18~ April 18th~ Congo

Looking ahead

Being born into conflict, struggling to survive, finding themselves short of even the most basic of life’s necessities; what kind of future are these children looking forward to having?

If children are the hope for our future, if they will be the beacon for much needed change to come, then don’t they deserve much more than the world is giving them? It is so much easier to close one eye and just look at Africa as a lost cause that only rarely makes it to the front pages of our newspapers, but these issues are real, the children exist, their futures are hanging by a very thin thread.

Isn’t humanity dependent on humans feeling the need of other humans and doing something about it? Is enough being done?

These are some of the questions that haunt me as I go through this photo archive and as the memories these children begin to illuminate themselves in my mind again…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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We should not forget. Africa is not Africa. It is 55 very different countries. Many doing a great leap. Economically when Europe and the US is at an almost stand still, many see these countries as the future. It is not as easy as one big conflict area. actually the conflicts in Africa are decreasing.

As in anywhere in the world there are people of great capabilities and intellect that will, when the opportunity is there, do great things.

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