Day Three Hundred Thirty Five, December 23, 2011

road trip

Driving across country borders, getting cradled by the moving car on asphalt roads, watching sleepily as trees and electric posts  appear to be zipping by, it all can put us in a state of dreaminess and it allows us to  gently slip into a deep sleep. I remember still taking Lea for drives as a baby and her falling asleep as soon as the car started humming, and I feel so much nostalgia and endearment watching this happen again today.

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  1. This is such a divine shot, with such incredible tones, and your endearing words serves to further amplify the beauty in the shot. Gorgeous stuff Mimo.

  2. Very beautiful. I like the focus, goes well with her dreamyness.

  3. My daughter is 24 now and always I mean always falls asleep on long trips, she is a useless travelling companion.. bless her. This is such a beautiful shot! c

  4. Simply beautiful…

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