Day Three Hundred Thirty Four, December 22, 2011

passage way to elsewhere

It is that time of year, when we tend to intend to much. Christmas is a bell ringer for the next major event, the new year. Every new year, we feel the need for a clean slate, for putting the present year behind us and planning for a better new one. With the great myriad of forces criss crossing our planet, we feel so driven to fill up our sometimes unrealistic ‘to do list’ and ‘to be better list’ with full confidence that we will fulfill our intentions. Because of our eager wish to control the events of the year to come, we forget to leave room for the unknown, for the future that is trying to happen and for the mystery that lies ahead.

So for this year, I will leave a big chunk of empty space on my diary page of new year resolutions and a great big welcome to all that is coming from and leading us to elsewhere.

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  1. I love this. Not to mention your other photos I’ve seen so far have been wonderful.
    Very well done.

  2. Wonderful, beautiful image, Mimo – could be an octopus reaching out with its tentacles! Excellent work! Adrian

  3. lovely shot mimo! Happy New Year and have a brilliant 2012!

  4. There’s a nice tunnel effect in that photo.

  5. love this. happy new year, and happy into-the-unknown to you, dear mimo.

  6. You are SO right, well put and made me think. I am not good at new years resolutions, but the idea of making sure I am wide awake to SEE what is coming and catch it! this is a great thought.

  7. Seasons greetings Mimo . Great thoughts and I love the simplicity of this picture..

  8. great thought, thank you!

  9. Great celebration in the photo 🙂 Merry Christmas Mimo

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