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Day Three Hundred Nineteen, December 7, 2011

when color takes you back

Does it happen to you sometimes that you may see a color, smell a certain smell, or hear a specific tune and they act as a trigger for memories that were long dormant in you? Funny how our life experiences are never really gone, but are somehow stacked neatly in the archives of our mind until something happens to wake them and bring them rushing to our conscious awareness…

Today I visited Lea’s school for a Christmas afternoon celebration, and seeing their class colored pencils stacked there neatly took me back with a jolt to a small class room in the North of Lebanon and for a moment I could smell the old pencils, my desk with its worn out wood cover that could open and close for us to keep things inside and that mostly smelled of old sandwiches, the room, the chalkboard and the village breeze that brought with it the aroma of the olive groves through the open windows.

By ~mimo~

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4 replies on “Day Three Hundred Nineteen, December 7, 2011”

Oh yes, absolutely, and I think about this quite often, how a specific smell (especially) triggers a specific set of memories. Like for instance, there’s this brand of soap I simply can’t use because it brings back unwanted memories of my ex girlfriend, LOL. And our lives are filled with these ‘trigger’s’, I find it utterly fascinating…

Love how you ‘illustrated’ your point with this evocative shot, I mean, how can looking at it not bring back fond memories of a distant childhood, the colours breathes childhood dreams…

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