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Day Three Hundred Sixteen, December 4, 2011

dragon breath

Dragons have fascinated me for so many years and they still do. They come up in legends of old Europe, in the bible, in many different cultures, myths and religions and here in Asia, their representations are everywhere you look. In China the dragon (龙, lóng) is considered the embodiment of universal wisdom and is highly revered. All over Asia dragons are looked at as representatives of the primal forces of nature. So, I wonder if a creature is indeed mythological and fictional, then how does it come to appear in so many different ancient cultures at times when there was no contact between them and no swapping of fantastical sketches? In any case, they make for  an incredibly intriguing research subject with a wealth of references from all over the world.

photo taken: steam near the dragon boat on the Huang Pu, Shanghai

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Thank you, yes, it was astonishing to see them with the steam, something so captivating about it. I was really drawn to black and white processing for this one, it was somehow calling for it.

very very good point, i have wondered this about the pacific cultures, very isolated cultures, yet many of their words are similiar . They also have dragons, in NZ it is called the taniwha. Have you read the book 1434 by gavin menzies. It is an incredibly interesting theory. And makes quite a bit of sense. c

Interesting observation on the theme of dragons appearing across non-overlapping cultures. My curiosity is piqued. Surely worth looking into.

As always, a lovely capture. The smoke lends a aura of mystique to the setting.

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