Day Ten, February 1, 2011

freedom, pure, bursting with innocence

Isn’t it amazing how freely children behave? I find myself sometimes watching their uninhibited freedom and wondering where has most of mine gone, and when exactly and how was it dropped and lost along the way to adulthood..

When a family gets the beach, the children run immediately to the water’s edge to explore, roll in the sand, walk in the water, all with pure joy, a curiosity and total freedom. Adults are much more reserved, they are more calculated and certainly not as free.

Today we traveled from Shanghai to Boracay in the Philippines. The journey took more than 13 hours of cars, planes, airports, more cars, a rough boat ride, and weird rickshaw till we finally arrived completely exhausted at our hotel on the beach. All we wanted to do was sleep, but not the children. They ran straight to the beach, and ran and ran some more…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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