Day nine, January 31, 2011

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Shanghai drives China to new heights

Today, the last day of January, and the beginning of the New Year’s hype in Shanghai, I walked around the downtown financial area in Pudong, which happens to be our neighborhood. Pudong is home to the high rises that are the pride of modern China. When we first moved here in 2006, the Jin Mao building(on the left), was standing proud and towering over everything else around it, then very rapidly the way a mushroom sprouts overnight, the SWFC(on the right) appeared as if out of nowhere and it stood in competition with Taipei 101 in Taiwan. Now, the new giant of Shanghai is rising rapidly it is mind boggling. Shanghai tower which threatens to tower over 632 meters high in a spiraling glass design. It is just incredible to witness the explosion of a metropolis like Shanghai and to see it happening outside your window…

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  2. Hi Mimo,
    I really love this picture ; it is exactly the Shanghai I remember. Well done !

  3. I love the contrasting lines and colors in this photo! Shanghai looks and sounds like and awesome place for a 365 project! How long have you lived there?

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