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A rare moment of inner peace

a rare and special moment with snow, nature and birds

It really is rare these days to be with and to feel peace. We find ourselves living in a world where we are bombarded with impressions in such an extreme and aggressive way that we mostly live, work, sleep and wake up in a state of exhaustion. If we want to contact someone, we think, I will email, call, tweet, facebook, whatsapp, bbm, skype or ‘something’ them, right? I loved watching on the TV series “the office” yesterday Ryan demonstrating his new social media invention “woof”. It was so comical that it made me stop and think. How addicted are we all becoming to these inventions?

With the extensive and rapidly growing world of social media, digital information, news, everything running so fast, when do we get to stop and catch our breath?

And our children are growing inside of this madness. How do we slow things down enough to remember and to help them see what life is really about?

Peace is becoming such a luxury…

We were snowed in on our holiday in Germany when I took this photograph. I was so delighted and beaming like a child to finally be able to feel a moment of connection to nature in a real and most potent sense. It felt so natural, so meant to be, so peaceful.

I miss the days when we only had phones and the occasional email. We used to be brave enough to close our phones sometimes and just be…

I envy a few friends who every so often disconnect all communications and escape somewhere to refuel themselves.

I love life so much, I don’t want to miss it. Only in moments of real connection do I feel that I am not missing it and that time is more mysterious than I am able to perceive and that life is so full of richness and so full of glory.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Very true about information overload. I only succeeded in fighting off the addiction by refusing to do internet and subscription mobile phone at home (on the boat). I can’t tell you how much more I appreciate life now; everything seems more colorful, more melodic, happier, more immediate. It’s true I’m very lucky, but when like walking in the street, it’s so much fun getting a smile from a girl who’s attention isn’t lost to the face of the phone, or even responding to the looks of helplessness in an elderly woman who is worried about crossing the traffic. It seems like there are really two worlds now, and I want to live in the real one.

1) Beautiful photo, as usual!

2) I, too, miss the days, when we weren’t so “wired.” Everytime I’ve been overseas to operate, I feel a bit anxious at first because of the lack of “access.” After a few days, though, it becomes liberating not to fee so tied down to technology!

Thanks Tina, and yes so true, we are way too wired. Sometimes I feel like I am brainwashed to believe I may never leave home without my cellphone when I know and remember the time when no one had one, and one you left home you were just not reachable! We are way too reachable, aren’t we?

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