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How can I love you this much?


It is so beyond reason the depth and power of love we feel for our children.

From the moment that  I felt the first kick of my daughter in my womb, I remember I was driving my car in Duesseldorf, Germany and I felt an uncontrollable surge of emotion so strong that forced me into sobs of joy. I had to park the car and try to control myself and to comprehend what I was feeling.

Are we programmed to love them so much as a guarantee that we will be there for them during their helpless days?

Are we bound to our child with some invisible golden string that transfers a current of love from them to our hearts?

And they deserve nothing less. They are the greatest gift that is entrusted to us to care for, prepare for planetary life, shield, educate and eventually do the most important task of all, to let them go…

My favorite quote from the most amazing Lebanese author Jibran Khalil Jibran, “your children are not yours, your children are the children of life”

In the meantime, while my daughter is still 6, I can enjoy her days of dependence on me, her innocence, her hugs, her love and her wonderful intimate closeness.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hello Mimo! This is beautiful, and how lucky Lea is to have a mother who feels and expresses this so strongly. (unlike possession) I remember being very moved by these same words of Jibran Khalil Gibran in my youth. thank you

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