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More inspiration and many thanks overdue…

I just love it so much when I come across people in my life who do so much good, have so much dedication, offer so much service without realizing how much they do. Most of the time these people do not hear enough “thank you” or “wow” or “amazing”. They are so much into what they do and the love of it that they are content and satisfied to be in the doing.

And because of this selfless quality they grow and develop qualities and skills otherwise not easily attainable.

Such a person I met in Sandi Bassett. Sandi is the art manager at CCPP and during the few days I spent around her and around the children artists of the CCPP, I was more and more amazed at how she handles, teaches and assists sometimes over 150 children at the same time.

I remember coaching in art camps myself and finding it a challenge to handle a few children at a time and that was only for a few weeks. Sandi has been doing this every day, all day for almost 2 years and plans on continuing to do so.

If you have ever been to Cambodia and felt the heat and humidity that people endure all year round, you would realize the enormity of such service. I was watching Sandi, who is a Canadian artist, coach these children so gently, keeping track of everyone’s progress never stopping or wavering her attention. Hugs were given in between, sharing of food, playful teasing, serious instruction, jokes and so much love throughout!

Sandi has children and a grand child in Canada that she says she misses so much and gets to see in the summer, but she has found her calling in this service of children who need her so much. Because of her service and the service of others in CCPP, these children get to gain confidence, earn decent money from their work, go to school, stay off the streets and beach, get medical care and most importantly feel loved.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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I don’t know if she still there but this woman from my country is a marvellous human being and i would like to say “Bravo” to her if this message can reach her.

Sandi is truly deserving of some credit for what she is doing in Cambodia; one of the unsung heroes. Thanks for writing Mimo.

I love this! You are taking it to the next level by describing the individuals behind this. Makes you want to identify yourself with them. I am very happy for you! You are getting some much new inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

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