Reflections of a city

Nothing is more elegant than holiday windows in New York City. Beautiful attention to details, incredible richness of decoration, haunting drama in the windows of Bergdorfs this year. I was lucky to shoot this at sunset the buildings of 5th avenue were reflected in the window adding to he eeriness of the window.

A rockin’ attraction

I had no idea how attractive a bunch of rocks can be to children on a cold winter day in central park. We planned to go to the zoo, but after walking the crowded streets of the city, and suddenly arriving to the park, the children could not contain themselves, and went straight to the rocks. They/ we climbed for more than an hour and a half and never made it to the zoo, which is just as well.

A random face, a human story

I always wonder about the story behind a face in the crowd. We pass so many every day and every once in a while one of them catches me and makes me want to know its story. This one is amazing to me, the careful braids, the painted eyebrows, the outlined lips, the sleepy eyes, the bright shirt, the swirly earrings,… she stood out in the crowd. It never fails to amaze me that there are about 6.7 billion people alive on this planet and each single one of them has a different face, different life, different mind, different soul, different spirit and a different set of fingerprints. Life is a genius puzzle begging to be investigated…

“Music Inn” New York City

A quirky gem of a store on W4th street in the village. This store is around the corner from where I used to live on Jones Street. I remember 10 years ago you had to pay a dollar or 2 to even get in to the store. A very cool old man owns and runs the store which is packed full of musical instruments, antiques and odd objects from around the world. I went back there with a very dear friend and had a trip into an odd world of music, history, dust, strange feelings for about a half hour, during which we were taken through grungy corridors to look at a packed basement room filled with dusty world treasures and oddities.

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