7 thoughts on “Collections

  1. I am new to your site, exploring your thought provoking photography. Although I am not a photographer, I occasionally produce artwork in a variety of media, at home. You have inspired me to go beyond the simplistic work I have been producing.


  2. Hi Mimo, I am truly inspired by your photographs which I love, they are moving and real and your ability to capture the human soul in a single photograph is beautiful. I would love to know how you became a freelance photographer and do it full time?. I dabble in photography and would love to do what you do but have no idea where to start or how to begin or how to take the plunge – do you have any advice please? thank you

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  3. Dear Mimo, thanks for such beautiful images and the flickr moment, I loved the video. I am a graduate student at Kean University in NJ USA. We have the Human Rights Gallery among other galleries. They are always looking for artist that have a focus on human rights. I believe some of your work looks at that experience from a different perspective. I think you should submit a project for that Gallery. If you are interested please let me know I will provide you the contact person.


  4. I can’t wait to see any books you come out with!! Your photography is beautiful, I aspire to take pictures like you! So inspiring!!


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