Taking your spirit for a walk~

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I remember as a child getting very excited about the occasional long walks we took to our favorite monastery pocketed in the heart of the Lebanese mountain overlooking the valley of the saints. We walked for hours and felt the importance of our pilgrimage with every dusty step. It says so much about pilgrimages and the necessity of removing oneself from a current situation to meet new requirements for personal development. Walking up the mountain dictated a baggage free walk and a sense of lightness and freedom that only comes from surrender to a higher cause.

I look back with so much endearment to those days, the time of innocence and magic.

Day 47 of 365~

Image taken of a young monk Myanmar during my trip there last year.

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  1. Endearment indeed. Thinking of Lebanon, where I went before the war. Thinking of Cambodia where I just was and lived briefly as a child… And wondering why the (bloody) hell mankind has to go through the horrors of war (civil and other) before cherishing peace again… Beats me.
    I hope the old monastery is still there.

  2. Beautiful memories

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