Day 25~ November 25th~ New York

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we forget to look up

When you live in a big city with very tall buildings and millions of people, you find yourself focused on the immediate area around you, navigating the ocean of people, avoiding the cars and bike zipping by and keeping close watch on any impending danger that you forget to look up. I remember that we could always tell if someone was a tourist in New York because they looked up!

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  1. One of the most important lessons a tutor has ever taught me (especially in the city), this photo shows its rewards.

  2. Good point. I remember reading that Fritz Lang when he first visited New York said something similar and it served as his inspiration for the city featured in his classic film Metropolis. Great shot.

  3. nice viewpoint and love the colours.

  4. wow šŸ™‚ great picture!!!

  5. it the ” get away form the low and get in conntact with the high”…..

  6. Beautiful shot, terrific light!

  7. That is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

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