Day 14~ November 14th~ New York

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the towers that never crumble

The towers of even the most formidable kings and queens have been known to crumble and fall when built on shaky foundations and glued with questionable principles. Life is like that. Friendships are like that too. It is in New York that I made real friends, where friendships were nurtured and grown that were able to withstand distance, time and change. It is a lucky human who can say I have people in my life that I believe in, count on, trust and can always reconnect with. It is one of life’s most precious gifts.

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  1. hi Mimo, did you blurred it in post processing or you got the shot as it is?
    Nice one anyway…

  2. Gorgeous use of no-focus. I loved this one from first glance to last. The long shadows are a nice treat.

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