Day 11~ September 11th~ Tuscany

lamp post~ siena

It is in cities like Siena that the ghosts of the past remain to haunt us with the mystery of what has been as we meander in its old cobble stone streets. Can you blame them? Would you want to leave a city this beautiful?

16 thoughts on “Day 11~ September 11th~ Tuscany

  1. Didn’t make it to Siena, spent some time in Pisa and Livorno on our delayed honeymoon. Love Italy, its a beautifully photogenic country steeped in history – oh ans the weather is food too!


  2. Greetings. Returned from vacation and trying to make my rounds …. and I see I’ve been missing your beautiful pics from Tuscany … hope to both sides of my family (I still have aunts and first cousins there). Love the one from Lucca.


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