Day 28~ April 28th~ Congo

boys at work~ Goma

Working children is a concept that is becoming more and more foreign to us in the western world, but in developing countries, young children are often forced to join the work force. I find myself showing these images to my daughter on several occasions when a reality check and a need for the right perspective on life is needed.

These boys were paused near one of the wall murals that UNICEF paints on the city streets to educate children through art. It seems to be the right way to deliver a message, as I saw the children totally absorbed in deciphering the message until they saw me and diverted their attention to act playful for the camera.

7 thoughts on “Day 28~ April 28th~ Congo

  1. It’s a sad world when we see it overall, kids, having their child hoods taken from them, unicief do a great deal world wide to try and help where possible, there a group that I personally respect for all they do to help others throughout the world we all live in, yet treat each other so very differently, which is not only sad, yet it’s become just part of how we view things to be as we relate them to the ‘norm’.


  2. It is a very good picture, but at the same time it feels bad to see so young children doing hard work instead of participating in education and play… Documentary photo is important to know the world, Mimo.


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