Day 4~ April 4th~ Congo

a child and a story

Until I went to Africa and saw the children face to face, the issues resided in my head as statistics, facts and numbers…

This child is no longer a number. This little girl has a unique story, she has a name, she has parents, a favorite game she liked to play back in her home in Rwanda and maybe a favorite color. I met her in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, where she was taking refuge  in a medical center with her mother after crossing the border and receiving milk and medication with groups of other refugees, mostly women and children. She is one of millions affected by the conflict in the area and her future is unknown, unsafe and uncertain.

Another powerless victim in a war waged for no other purpose than the attainment of power.

24 thoughts on “Day 4~ April 4th~ Congo

  1. no no no! we thank you for your service:) THANKS A LOT:)
    P.s. I’m from Romania! Hello from here! I want to put these picture on my blog, to tell this story in my country. I ll put you as a source! God bless you!


  2. ~mimo~ , I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and to let you know that you have THE BEST and my favorite blog. Just the right amount of info and photos that capture our hearts. Don’t change a thing. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Wally


    1. Hi Wally, thank you so much and this means so much to me! I really do appreciate you taking the time to look and to read the blog. Have a wonderful Easter!


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