Day 3~ April 3rd~ Congo

got milk~ the reality edition~ girl Rwanda refugee in Goma

Each time I hear parents trying to convince their children in our western world to eat more, to drink more milk, to eat just another bite; my mind goes back to the children I met in Congo. A glass of milk can have the power to transform a desperate little face into a bright smiling one, the milk she drank out of utter need, no room for luxury in her world of fighting for survival.

I find myself showing my 7 year old daughter these photographs repeatedly while telling her stories to put more perspective into her life in my attempt to tip the scales away from materialism and towards a consciousness and humanity about other less fortunate humans we share this planet with.

I can only hope that this awareness will make a difference in her future life. The first step to actively helping is consciously knowing.

I am starting this series with faces of children because this is what impacted me the most. The innocence, the vulnerability, the undying hope in their eyes and the strong will to survive is where this story begins.

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  1. Nice one, both text and photo 🙂

  2. You need not worry for your daughter Mimo… she will naturally obsorb what you are teaching her by your example. I know this to be true as I witness it in my own 2 children who are now 31 and 27 and fine actively concerned, environmentally aware citizens..

  3. Tienes toda la razón, el mundo a veces es muy injusto, tienes unas fotografías, increibles, saludos

  4. It’s stories like this that make you appreciate the little things we often take for granted. My last post was about how the problems of the world are a problem of conciousness. We strive to send a robot to Mars to look at dust mean while back on planet earth 17000 children will die of starvation. If we uncover our humanity our focus and resources would be used differently out of the innate compassion that all human beings have without exception. We all have unconditional love and compassion, it’s just covered up by our upbringing and life trauma. Uncovering our humanity is the only way to create change in this world. We have tried through politics, government, religion, war, and wealth. With all of these things we have not had 1 day of peace on earth. It is up to each individual to uncover their potential as human beings. Only then will governments change because they have to follow the concensus. It is a personal responsibility and a joy to do so. It brings more smiles to one’s life more regularly. Uncovering our True nature brings health and vitality as well as purpose and fulfillment. People talk about 2012 being the end, I say it can be the beginning if we choose it. Thank you for these great posts!

  5. great shot mimo! love the expression, milk mustache and that green colour.

  6. Another lovely, touching image Mimo!

  7. I look forward to seeing more from your stories and photos about Congo.

  8. I’m very happy !!! It seems i am your first reader in Sénégal !!
    Apart from that, your “bloc note” is is really good. I like this picture and the explanation.
    I live to Dakar and i know that.

  9. I think it’s so wonderful that you share this with your daughter. What a great parent you are to do this. This picture is beautiful, just breathtaking. This blog of yours is fantastic.

  10. “The first step to actively helping is consciously knowing.” So true, and so wise.

    Beautiful, heart-tugging photo.

  11. It will no doubt make a difference in your daughters outlook in the future. She is fortunate to have a kind and compassionate teacher like you. Great image. I’m struck by how dirty this girls clothes are and the missing buttons. The the utilitarian in me says the garment is still doing what it was designed to do – cover the body. Great image. I love the subtle humor of your title. Well done.

  12. Mimo,Yep @ “Reality”. We in the West are “protected” from the “reality” that exists in war-torn countries. Our mass media feed us the milk of entertainment, nonsense and materialism. Poverty and war are the weapons used by the elite rulers/leaders of the world to maintain the status quo and to expand their “empire” and control. One day, in the future, poverty and war will be abolished. So say the prophets of the Creator-God. May he speed that day. Peace and blessings to all who seek justice, peace and righteousness.

  13. What a wonderful series you are doing. I am following it all with great interest.

  14. Wonderful photo MImo.

    “I find myself showing my 7 year old daughter these photographs repeatedly while telling her stories to put more perspective into her life in my attempt to tip the scales away from materialism and towards a consciousness and humanity about other less fortunate humans we share this planet with”.

    I will actually show this photo to my children tonight. I too am trying to show them that not everyone has the lifestyle that they are accustomed to and to appreciate what they have. Keep posting!

  15. You have a beautiful soul. I pray that you find and spread happiness wherever you go. Be blesses Mimo…

  16. Beautiful photo and a powerful message. We are currently working on some travels as a family to help those less fortunate. I think if we are aware, our kids will be too. Loving these photos

  17. i’m unconcerned from a technical standpoint, but what focal length was this shot at? I’m simply curious how close you were..

    that being said, another good shot, seems like it could be a good shot for a conscious ad for “got milk”…

    • I was very close. I had the chance to be inside the medical center and at very close proximity with the refugees. So I believe I was using both 50 mm and 135 mm lenses

  18. Going off the Got Milk slogan is well done!

  19. Hi,
    A beautiful photo.

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