Day Three Hundred Forty Nine, January 6, 2011

nothing left to say

You can see it every day in this city, a new demolitions site, another traditional neighborhood condemned to destruction and giving way to the race for a future city of sky scrapers. Imagine having to pack up all your belongings on a whim and move to a new world with no history, no character and no choice.

Nothing left to say…

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  1. It’s sad isn’t it… I can’t even imagine what it might feel like to be forced out of my own home.

  2. What a beautiful portrait of such a sad fact…Thank you.

  3. Such a common and sad sight. It is so much better when old buildings, past their best, can be developed sympathetically, without the complete destruction of the building’s history.

  4. Moving images Mimo..

  5. I love the color tone on the first image and love the DOF on the second image

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