Day Two Hundred Ninety Seven, November 15, 2011

in contemplation

We start our life’s journey here on Earth in such a great rush. We are born thirsty and hungry, desperate for impressions, information, absorbing life around us like a sponge. We are overspilling with incredible energy as children, growing at a miraculous speed, impatiently rushing to the promise of our adulthood. Then we get there, we feel like a mountain climber on top of the world. And as all things on the planet, we begin to go down the slope of life to the harbor of our inevitable forward journey. And on the way to the harbor, we slow down, we become pensive, we worry less, we have more time to think, to contemplate, to doze in the comfort of wistfulness. Behind us life keeps on renewing and we begin to detach ourselves from its excitements and contemplate the next leg of our journey, because no matter what we think, there is a fairness and great kindness in our very design.

photo taken: old man contemplating by the river~ Huang Pu~ Shanghai

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  1. very well said it is true. we grow so rapidly and then we say how did this happen? Life is so precious, I just love it. You my friend have a great outlook on life.

  2. ‘…we begin to go down the slope of life to the harbor of our inevitable forward.’

    Wonderfully put! Really enjoy your writing.

  3. Thank you, Mimo. How sane, how rich a contemplation. And a picture worth a million words.

  4. I am going to cry when you get to 365! c

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