Day One Hundred Nineteen, May 21, 2011

the week of 'ouchies'

I came back from my travels to find Lea with two major and pretty major “ouchies” on her leg. We have had to cancel swimming, sports, long baths, sand playground time and other weekly activities. These are the things that may leave a mark and be part of the stories we tell as we grow up pointing to our little scars. Don’t you have scars that always draw out a story of a childhood adventure from you to tell again and again? These are the visible “ouchies” resulting from play that I pray will be the only kind that scar children’s childhoods. It is the mental, emotional and invisible scars that scare me so much more.

11 thoughts on “Day One Hundred Nineteen, May 21, 2011

  1. We would post that one at toemail if you didn’t mind? Normally we just do shots that could be considered self portraits, but there are no real hard fast rules and unusual perspectives are always welcome. And there is such great energy in that picture too!

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