Day Nineteen, February 10, 2011

Do fairies really sleep inside flowers?

Today was a very cold and rainy day in Shanghai, so it was an indoor day for us. A friend brought us beautiful tulips in the afternoon and they were searched very thoroughly for any sleeping fairies. One ended up sleeping in L’s room, a tulip that is, waiting for a fairy to visit at night.

5 thoughts on “Day Nineteen, February 10, 2011

    1. melon agate sounds good 🙂 And she was so excited to have wavy hair today because of her braids that she got on holiday. Tomorrow she will have straight hair again…


      1. Brings back memories. Madeline used to have me cornrow and braid her wet hair so it would be super-wavy. But beware, when Maddy was 14 she SHAVED her head. Later it would be bleached white blond and spiked (like the sun) or neon pink bangs with the rest black. But whatever she did/does with her hair she was/is so beautiful…


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