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So hard to leave you behind.. part 2

It is time again to take a trip for BY ART WE LIVE, this time to Cambodia. I will be meeting with underprivileged children who take refuge in Art. The project I plan to visit is CCPP (the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project) in Sihanoukville.

Last October I traveled for the first time without my daughter Lea to Congo and stayed 8 days. that is when I came up with a way to give Lea a calendar so may she be always aware of how many days are left till my return. (

She had loved that idea so much that I am repeating it for this trip. Every day she will have a bag with a date on it that she can open. Each bag has a surprise and a note for her. She will look forward to every bag she opens that will bring her closer to the day I come home.

I love my child do much and I wish that all children in the world can be loved and treasured as they were meant to be. I watch her now as I write this playing her piano so engrossed in what she is doing and then standing up amazed that she can see what looks like silver rain outside the window. She wants to know what this is and if she can catch it.

I will miss dear little Lea in the next 10 days but I will be with her through other children, through mystery, through Art and through my little daily messages to her.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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