Impressions From a Journey Between the Folds of Time

Sometimes life invites us into a brief interlude between the folds of time. There we see beyond the obvious, we feel more deeply and we re-evaluate our lives and where our importances lie. The past month has been just such a life changing happening and as I emerge trying to find the end of a thread I let go of, I find that a whole new selection of threads present themselves to me. I pray that I may choose wisely where to get back on the train we call destiny.

Photographs taken during the past month in Germany, Lebanon and China

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Kinetic Life

Have you felt lately as though you keep on moving from one task to the next, from one place to another as if chased by your own shadow? It is as if we are all gripped by a fear of being caught standing still. We plan our year before it even starts and we project into our future leaving very little room for the unexpected. Our lives are preplanned and dictated in our phones that link to all our other devices that we allow to remind us that we are not free but bound inside our own self created prisons.kinetic life

rainy contemplations~ China

The rain, it has the power to enforce a stillness, a sense of calm, a blanketed silence, and inside of that we can somehow think more peacefully…

I love capturing memories of raindrops, umbrellas and the brave ones who walk and think in the rain.

rainy contemplations-3 rainy contemplations-4 rainy contemplations-6 rainy contemplations rainy contemplations-5

Pingyao moments~

pingyao-6pingyao-2 pingyao-4 pingyao waiting for a break in the rain~ Pingyao

Pingyao, an ancient town in the Shanxi province of China, completely walled, preserved and authentic looking, is home to the yearly Pingyao photography festival where thousands of photographer meet. I visited for 3 days as 2 of my photographs were curated and  included in a show there and during the last 2 days, it rained endlessly setting a beautiful mood for photography. I walked and walked, got drenched and took some photos that I will treasure for always.

all the time in the world~ Pingyao

Life in the old lanes~ Shanghai

Old lane on a rainy day~ Qibao~ Shanghai

Old lane on a rainy day~ Qibao~ Shanghai

Behind and right next door to the glitz and glamour of Shanghai, real people live their real lives in the old lanes. The first shock you get walking through the very old parts of town is the extreme narrowness of the alleys and the very small size of the overcrowded rooms people call home. It is quite a wake up call that I make sure I take myself through at least once a week so as not to be fooled by the fake reality that expats tend to exist in in a place like Shanghai.

Is growth a one-way street?

ascending~rainy day in the city

ascending~rainy day in the city

In a life where we rush from the days of our childhood to gather information and knowledge that we believe will help us grow, many of us end up facing an awakening later along the way. The truth that we seek so desperately appears to be much simpler than we had projected it to be. Maybe instead of all the baggage we carry, the books we read, the college degrees we hang on our walls, a shrinking back to basics is what is needed. Any time I had a revelation of any kind, it seemed to appear from the simplest moments in life, a raindrop, a rainbow, a flower, a walk in the forest, the smile of a child, a look in the mirror, a moment with a friend, a twinkle in an eye…

Every so often I am compelled to change gears and alter the direction of my stride and the search never ends…

Let it rain!!

Don’t you love photographing the rain?

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Day Three Hundred Fifty Eight, January 15, 2012

once again, it's pouring rain

I love how the city looks in the rain. The streets reflect the lights on black asphalt, the cars and bikes are covered with drops and they glow, and at night everything is shiny. And then there are the umbrellas, whoever invented them had a great sense of elegance. They look so romantic popping around every corner, casting a sense of mystery about the identity of the person carrying them. Yes, the rain is always welcome into my world.